Sunday, January 29, 2012


Despite a Saturday without much motivation, I finally cleaned up our "playroom" - where all the kids toys and my sewing reside.  Phil had refinished an old table from the chemistry lab at VT for me to use for my sewing table.  Before cleaning there were two large tables and a coffee table all in the same room.  Not to mention, scraps of fabric, an ironing board, etc.  It's taken me a while to realize that a mess does NOT help my creative process.  It drains it of all momentum...  I always noticed this was true for my kids.  When the playroom or bedroom is a mess, they can be found elsewhere... clean up and they are there, creating and making in the new space.

I was ready to work hard today at organizing my new sewing/quilting area, which I moved into our guest bedroom/study/computer area.  However in church today I realized a baby shower I thought was at the end of February was really next weekend....

So, I came home and got right to work.  I had already done a lot of mental work with this one.  This couple is a little hippy and this is their first baby, so I pulled out some awesome batiks from my sister, who I think got them from PEI last summer.  I had an idea based on a combination of one from Lizzy House and one from InColorOrder.

The top is finished and after these photos I finished the back.  I'll have to get some batting tomorrow and quilt away.  I'm thinking straight lines ... if I baste well and can take it slow!

(I have spent the better part of the evening trying to figure out how to rotate my photos the way I'd like them to appear.... Can someone help me here?? I read about the "fixes".  Let me just say rotating each one in picnik doesn't seem like an efficient fix.)

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  1. Wow! You put this top together so quickly. I'm glad to see you're giving straight lines another shot. Can't wait to see how it goes.