Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a new year....

just last year i began writing occasionally here in this space.  i wanted a place to write about the quilts i made, and the things i sewed.  sometimes i wrote about places we went.

i started a 365 project last year (flickr collection here) and then during the summer and fall joined two self portrait photography courses, called NOW YOU.  suddenly more time was spent taking pictures than sewing.

i have learned so much this year about taking pictures, and have been doing lots of thinking about myself and my place in this world.  but i long to sew, to put strips of color together, to make something out of scraps...  to have the concentration sewing requires.

::this year's word::

this is my word for this year. thanks to sarah of urbanprairieforest, i can't get this word out of my head. here's a link to the 'earworm'. rhythmofthehomeblog.com/10/being-persistence/.  i want to have persistence in choosing gratitude, in choosing patience, in being gentle with my family, in carving out time for myself. it's just the right word.

and for those of you that quilt....  there may just be a scrappy trip around the world coming...  i don't know how much longer i can resist.  it's like a siren.



  1. Happy New Year to you, Beth! Welcome back! I look forward to seeing your scrappy trip or whatever else you stitch up.

  2. Good word! And nice to see you here. :-)

    I have still managed to resist the scrappy trips but it's getting so tricky...

  3. Hi there my friend. I love the word you have chosen. Almost every single day I tell myself, never, ever give up...just keep trying eventually I know it will work because many of the greats have never stopped trying and it's how we all succeed. I just love your attitude and also that you sew! I also love to see you in the few groups we are in together. Also love the picture you have with your word on it, turned out pretty fantastic.

    Love Tracie your friend

  4. Good to "hear" from you! I've been wondering if we've crossed paths without knowing it - I believe our kids are at the same school, right?

  5. Very handy plugin. It’s like having a full on word processor in the backend of your blog.